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Philosophy in a Child's Hair...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled routine to bring you an important philosophical question. 

Left or Right?

~Come with us to the right, join in the fight...everybody run now, everybody run!

~There's a feeling I get when I look to the left, but it should never be said...keep searching for a sign!

Can philosophies of life be found in a child's hairstyle?  I can hear everyone who spends time reading this wondering, "What the hell is she talking about now?!"

Most of you know that my son spends certain weekends with his father.  It seems here lately that every single time I pick him up, my ex sends him to the car with wet hair, which I don't mind, as it means at least he's had a bath.  The thing that drives me nuts is that my ex insists on parting my son's hair on the left and slicking it down.  He has a natural part on the right though...you know that cute little spiral little boys get on the back of their head, that shows which direction the hair wants to go? 

So here's my son from the front, hair parted on the wrong side and slicked down, only missing a pocket protector and some glasses to complete the Louis and Gilbert look from Revenge of the Nerds.  From the back, it's no better, hair sticking straight up like Alfalfa, with a horizontal part from left to right across the back.  All I can think is "WHY?  Why would you do that to a child?"

The point is not to bash the ex (though heaven knows it needs to be done periodically) but to discuss if you can tell what kind of personality people have based on how they part theirs or others hair. 

Do you think people are disposed to make things easy by going with the natural flow of things, if they utilize a natural hair part or do you think they make life more difficult or have other flaws if they go against the natural hair part and force it to go where they want it to, regardless of how utterly ridiculous it may look.

I think it is true, people who use the natural hair part tend to take the easier path in life and are more conforming and those who refuse to use a natural part make life as complicated as possible and rebel against everything in general, probably just for the sake of being difficult! 

I believe in thinking outside the box and having an open mind.  As the lyrics posted at the top have taught me, conformity is not best way to be all the time.  People must be willing to try new ways of doing things.  You need to occasionally be open to several interpretations of life's issues, structures, etc... Having said that though, sometimes it's best to use a proven or natural path that is set before you.

So, I want to know what YOU think!  Please post your opinion regardless of what it is.  Philosophize with me .

~Peace, Love & Rock~


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Mar. 3rd, 2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
I think you are on to something here. When I first read what you wrote about him parting his hair the wrong way, my first thought was he is not very aware/observant or awake to things that are obvious and important and right in front of your eyes. For instance simple truths about things. My husband is in a lot of ways totally unaware of those type of things. You know what I mean. I think he is "waking up" some but yeah. So I figured maybe Rob was just basically ignoring or unaware of the natural truths in the world as he did notice or see the natural part in his hair and was unaware of that to begin with and cant really see it. It all goes back to all that stuff I have been reading.

On the other hand in some instances is good to go against the grain of what people naturaly think and the way the world is supposed to go. Society sets certain standards of what people are supposed to do and act and feel and think. And they put labels on you as what you are *supposed* to be.

The best example is... if you are a mom you are supposed to do and be a ceratin way and think certain things an behave a certain way. In I think this instance I think it is good to go against the grain of what others think of you and the box they put you in and go for the dreams you have and the vision you have for yourself and how you see yourself and how you do things. It's good to have new approaches to old problems that don't see to be able to be resolved by old ways of solving things as we grow and learn. I believe in exploring other veiw points as well and exploring things.

Then sometimes the simple known truths in the world or fact whatever you want to call them. like kindness, courtesy, compassion (those things) Those unchanging things we know to be true. Some people have a hard time waking up to those and being unaware of them based on the way they were raised taught or just the way they grew up thinking. Not that they cant be made aware and wake up to those things.

I try to have mercy on Jerry because half the time I really think he seriously is unware of things like that. Not awake or concious so to speak. Maybe that is robs issue too. That is what the book A New Earth talkked about some. Also the book The Celestine Vision talked abou the same thing.
Mar. 4th, 2009 12:15 am (UTC)
We are kindred spirits...I love that we can talk about anything and understand eachother! Thanks for the response. :).
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