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About Last Night

The night started out terrible..I think I've pretty much been pushed to the breaking point.  It's a shame that I did something to myself that I will be paying the consequences for, for at least the next 12 years...sigh.  I cannot say this enough...


I'm not talking about a once or twice instance, everyone makes mistakes, but if it gets to be more than twice, please let it be a warning!!!!    Most of you know what happened, and I want to thank you all for listening to me blow off steam!  Mares is awesome for telling me "Don't let it get you down...You're Kim from Houston!"  Love all of you, and gratefully the night got SO much better! 

Almost everyone showed up, friends from here, Austin College station and even LA.  All which are awesome!  The show was awesome. Line up was Flawless Escape, who I enjoyed a little more than usual; then Ember, who most of us got to see for the first time.  They were pretty cool and the thing I might remember the most about their performance, music aside, was that the singer actually had steam coming off the top of his head...they work so hard to put on a great show. 

Next, was the main event as far as I'm concerned!  Project H was Amazing as always!  The energy, the talent, the love for music, the appreciation for fans and fellow bands...absolutely fabulous!!  After that, Meriwether got up and rocked the stage!  It was an awesome show, especially "Aye Julian", which is my favorite by them.  Poor Sounds Under Radio ended up being background music as we all visited and did shots!  I particularly enjoyed meeting Sam from Meriwether!  He does an absolutely fabulous Mick Jager impersonation!!!  He had me laughing so hard my eyes were tearing up! 

Then those mean bouncers started screaming...Time to go...seriously...get out!  Ha, I know...just doing their job.  Spent time saying goodbye to everyone and came home to a great nights sleep.

Valentine's day was mostly uneventful, though I did received a really sweet phone call that made my entire day better!  I think a common trait most of my friends share is that they will openly express fondness for the people they like.  I have a great bunch of friends!!!  They are the kind of people who can brighten your whole day with just a few words!  So, after that I was much happier on VD than I expected to be.  

After that, it was off to my Mom's to help her get rid of more junk!  She's done most of it by herself but still has a lot to do...she deserves a looonnggg break when she finishes and gets moved!  A storm hit Houston and I had to drive home through a LOT of water!  I made it home safely though, because I am a professional driver ;-).  Now I think I'm going to make a sandwich and watch a movie in my room...peace & quiet after the Rock & Fun!!!

~Peace, Love & Rock!